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Revelations 19:12 says “...and on His Head were many crowns”. The hymn, CROWN HIM WITH MANY CROWNS was written by Matthew Bridges and initially included 6 stanzas. Matthew, thought of it as a sermon in a hymn based on and inspired by this passage in Revelations 19. He first called it “The Song of The Seraphs.” Even though at one time, Bridges wrote a book condemning Roman Catholics, he later converted to Catholicism.

In an interesting twist...Godfrey Thring, a staunch Anglican clergyman...feared that some of Bridges verses smacked of too much Catholic doctrine. It seems odd maybe but Godfrey wrote six new verses for the same song. Crown Him with Many Crowns, therefore became a 6 verse Hymn that was written twice!!

Over the years these twelve stanzas have become intermingled in hymnbooks with editors mixing and matching them. You will often see both men’s names shown as the authors. Yet the profound message remains a message of praise to God!

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