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Frank E. Graeff was a Methodist minister and served in some of the leading denominational churches throughout the Philadelphia conference. He was known for his sunny disposition, in spite of the severe testing he experienced throughout life. His hymn, DOES JESUS CARE, is birthed from one of these difficult times in Frank’s life. He became very discouraged and told how his whole attitude had become one of despair and defeat. After being greatly encouraged by 1 Peter 5:7 where he was assured that Jesus cares for him. He was also lifted by the words of a fellow hymn writer, Joseph Scrivens, in What a Friend We Have in Jesus…Frank came out of his struggle still trusting in the love and care of Jesus.

It was when he turned again to the Lord Jesus in prayer that his faith was strengthened and the words of a new song was born. Of the nearly 200 songs that Frank wrote, his hymn, DOES JESUS CARE, is the only one in common use today. He later said, “This hymn seems to carry comfort and hope to troubled hearts, and I am glad I had the inspiration to write it.”

Do you wonder…like the Disciples who with Jesus were in a boat during a fierce storm at sea. They came to Jesus and awoke him with this question, “Master, don’t you care that we perish?”. Be assured today, as then and as Frank Graeff recognized,” Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares, His heart is touched with my grief!”

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