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His parents were Methodist missionaries in China when Richard Blanchard was born in 1925. The Family soon returned home to the United States and Richard grew up in Indiana and North Carolina. When he was a senior in high school, the Blanchard family moved to Tryon, North Carolina. Richard worked at a local bank and invested most of his income in war bonds. This financial tactic eventually enabled him to buy Lakefront property in Orange County, Florida later in life.

After High school and a medical discharge from the US Navy, he studied Theology and in 1949 earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree. He served as Pastor to several Churches and completed 40 years of ministry. Yet, he remained active as “Minister Emeritus” at the Conway Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida.

During his life, Richard, had written articles and material for several publications and a story called “The Little Star”, which was published in Ideals Magazine. In the late 80’s he wrote a beautiful musical called “Francis of Assisi” which was produced in Conway. Over his life time, Richard wrote numerous gospel songs many of which were published and recorded…the most famous of these was “Fill My Cup Lord”. It became a classic and was recorded by several popular gospel musicians of the day including London Paris and James Blackwood.

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