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Over the centuries the Holy Spirit has intervened in the heart of mankind to reveal the true nature of God and His desire for a meaningful relationship with humans. History has referred to these times as periods of spiritual revival and these movements of the Spirit have generally been accompanied by outbursts of song. In the late seventeenth century, the church once again had become cold and non-evangelistic, having lost it’s given purpose and path. This time God lit the fires of revival in Germany similar to previous movements in England.

Katharina von Schlegel was one of the outstanding women of this movement. Little is known of her except that she was a Lutheran and may have been the canoness of an evangelical women’s seminary. She contributed a number of lyrics to a collection of songs published in 1752. Not all of the verses to this Hymn were translated…in fact Jane Borthwick only translated 3 verses into English.

We are referring to Katharina’s hymn entitled BE STILL MY SOUL. In times of persecution and personal struggle, the words of Katharina’s composition will bring us an important reminder of God’s faithfulness to be with us even in the valleys.

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