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Dottie Rambo, is a name very well known in the Gospel and Country music worlds. Born on March 2, 1934, in Madisonville, Kentucky, she grew up in poverty and developed an early affinity for country music. She learned to play guitar while listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio. At age eight she started writing songs while sitting on a creek bed near her home and was supported by her parents until at age 12. That was when she became a born again Christian and made a commitment to write and sing Christian music. Her father gave her an ultimatum…give up Christian music or leave. She left home and went on the road. At 16, she met Buck Rambo at revival meetings and shortly after they married and began travelling and singing together becoming known as the Singing Rambos.

Dottie wrote more than 2,500 songs including, “We shall Behold Him”, and “I Go to the Rock” and the subject of this song story…BEHOLD THE LAMB. Her music is known for its poetic verse and melodies that reached across various genres. Many of her songs deal with themes such as the born-again experience or heaven.

The list of awards, hall of fame inductions and well-known gospel and country artists that recorded her music is long. Many of her songs have rightfully found their way into hymn books today.

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