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Mrs. Avis Christiansen is to be ranked as one of the important gospel hymn writers of the 20th century. She has written hundreds of hymn texts and several volumes of published poems. She clearly stated that all of her works came out of her own Christian experience and were expressions of her heart’s spiritual desires and convictions. They flow out of her daily walk and intimate fellowship with the Lord. She collaborated with many well-known gospel musicians. It was the musician, Harry Dixon Loes when he became inspired by a sermon entitled ‘Blessed Redeemer’ who composed the tune. He sent it to his friend, Mrs. Christiansen, asking her to write the text. The hymn was completed and first appeared in a hymnbook published by the Baptist Home Mission Board in 1920.

Mrs. Christiansen was born in Chicago in 1895 and was raised in a Christian home. She made a personal commitment to Christ in her early childhood. After High School she attended Secretarial School and later Moody Bible Institute evening school…where she met and married her husband…E. O. Christiansen...with whom she raised their two daughters. They were faithful members and workers in their church… the Moody Memorial Church in Chicago. Avis passed away in 1985.

Mrs. Christiansen’s hymn, “BLESSED REDEEMER”, tells the story of Jesus, the Lamb of God and the price He paid for our redemption. Our response…as she puts it…

O, how I love Him, Saviour and Friend!

How can my praises ever find end!

Through years un-numbered on heaven’s shore,

My tongue shall praise Him forever more.”

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