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BORN AGAIN – There’s Really been a Change in Me

Research as we did, finding the author of the song, BORN AGAIN, has been elusive. Wherever we searched… the result would often say “Born Again, by EVIE”. And that in itself is our story today!

Born as Evelyn Tornquist in March, 1956 to Norwegian parents who had immigrated to the United States, she soon became known affectionately as EVIE…early in her life. In 1972, at the age of 16, she recorded her debut album…and went on to release more than 30 more including some in Scandinavian languages. Evie was recognized as an American contemporary Christian singer who became a household name in the gospel music world during the 70’s and early 80’s. Receiving a long list of music awards, she was also inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in February 2005.

In 1979, Evie married Swedish pastor and musician Pelle Karlsson, and then retired from performing music in 1981 to commit herself to her family and other avenues of ministry. It was almost like she disappeared…yet God continues to use her wonderful talent and infectious voice. Her most recent album is entitled “Songs from the Hymn Book” which she produced with her son, Kris who is a gifted musician and songwriter.

When you hear Evie sing BORN AGAIN, It is almost as if you can ‘hear’ Evie smile as she sings – Born Again, there’s Really Been A Change in Me!

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