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Bryan J. Leech was born in 1931 and was native to Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England. In 1955 he moved to the United States and in 1959 was ordained in the Evangelical Covenant denomination. Bryan’s pastoral ministry took him to congregations in Massachusetts, New Jersey and California. During his life he composed over 500 songs, hymns, anthems and cantatas.

At times, compositions come immediately to an author’s pen; while at other times, inspiration may require months of gestation. The latter is the case with Bryan Leech’s hymn, COME SHARE THE LORD. In the autumn of 1982, Bryan made an inner resolve to write a communion anthem and promptly forgot about it. During Christmas break with his family that year he was inspired to a melody at the piano but his mind was barren of any lyrics. Sometime later he played the tune to a musician friend and asked for his response. His friend thought for a moment and then said, “It’s obvious…Holy Communion!” Bryan went home and within an hour the words were complete!

At the instruction of our Lord, we regularly come to His Table at communion. We are family…of which the Lord is head. As Bryan says in his song, “No one is a stranger here, everyone belongs. Finding OUR forgiveness here, we in turn forgive all wrongs.” When we remember what Christ paid for our forgiveness…to forgive others seems so natural.

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