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In the early days, not long after Bill & Gloria Gaither were married, they both were active in their teaching careers.  On the weekends, Bill directed the music the local church they attended.  They were beginning to write songs, often in response to a sermon they heard.  Sometimes the song was to give expression to God’s voice as He spoke to them while they studied Scripture. 


At that time, Doug Oldham had started to attend the Gaither’s church.  Doug’s father, Dr. Dale Oldham, was involved in a significant pastoral and radio ministry.  Doug had been part of this ministry.  Yet Doug’s life had come to some rough times.  He knew it was his problem and his life needed to change.  With God’s help he did put things back together and God restored many things including his relationship with his family and his father.  Doug was changed.


Eventually, Doug began to sing again at the services while his dad preached.  Bill Gaither was asked to come and accompany Doug.  One particular night, the work of the Holy Spirit was very evident.  On the trip driving home the three of them talked about what had happened.  Dr. Dale Oldham told Bill that there was something about the word ‘touch’.  He encouraged Bill to write a song about it. 


The next morning before church, Bill called Gloria to their little music room and he sang for her what he was working on…a song they eventually called…HE TOUCHED ME.  Bill often reminds Gloria that this song is one he wrote all by himself!  It has been recorded more than any other of their songs and by a wide range of artists.  It has been translated into dozens of languages and sung around the world.  With a touch from Jesus lives will be changed. 

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